Santa Feann- What to do in Santa Fe     
Things to do in Santa Fe
    As we turn our attention to hearth and home, it’s the perfect issue to visit some of Santa Fe’s most elegant—and Santa Fean—dwellings. There’s a lot going on in the art world during the cooler months; don’t miss the fall studio tours in Santa Fe and the surrounding areas. We also have a preview of the annual ShowHouse Santa Fe, which transforms a classic local home and grounds into something quintessentially Santa Fean. This year’s theme is “Everything Old Mexico is New Mexico again.” Then, Chef Johnny Vee and photographer Douglas Merriam eat dessert first in our dining section, where they profile La Lecheria, along with the new 401, and La Fonda Hotel’s revamped La Fiesta Lounge. Were you looking to get away from the ranch to enjoy the last of the good weather? Why not bring your horse as well? Cliff River Springs offers the chance to vacation with your horse. We have something for every taste in this issue, whether it has to do with food, art, or interior design; so brew up a hot fall beverage and snuggle up with the fall Homes issue of Santa Fean magazine.    

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