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Nature & Wellness

Nourishing Santa Fe

Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico are a confluence of different landscapes. Nestled at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, you’ll find hot springs, aspen groves and desert rock against the backdrop of a clear blue sky. Replenish yourself through nature and self-care.

A woman soaking at Ojo Santa Fe Spa, formerly known as Sunrise Springs.
At Ojo Santa Fe Spa Resort, Soak On!
When Northern New Mexicans think about a great place to enjoy a relaxing outdoor soak, Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa immediately comes to mind. Now, Ojo Caliente has a sister soaking spot:...
McCauley Warm Spring in the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico
Enjoying Nature
It’s not a stretch to say that having a connection to nature is a prerequisite for living in or visiting Santa Fe. Although predominantly known for its art and culture, the City Different is also an...
a tarantula
Tarantulas’ Winter “Digs”
New Mexicans are used to seeing tarantulas on roadways and trails in the early fall, when males leave the safety of their burrows on a grueling march for a mate. They can travel miles before finding any...
A citrus beverage with a red garnish
Adaptogens: What’s Old Is New Again
Feeling stressed? Adaptogens might help. Molly Brennand, FNLP, CHHC, a Santa Fe-based functional nutritionist and lifestyle practitioner, explains, “As the name implies, this class of herbs literally...
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