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Enchanting Santa Fe

Explore the Southwest style of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico, from classic adobe to sleek contemporary homes to stunning floral arrangements to graphic and visual design.

Pillow Talk in Santa Fe
Pillows, and So Much More at Pillow Talk
Jonathan Haggerty unzips a large decorative pillow case made out of an Italian textile, flips it inside out and explains, “This is the side that was supposed to be used, but it arrived stained and I...
prickly pear cactus
Color in Your Life: Tips from the Pros
In spring, the New Mexico landscape is spectacular. Lavender, Russian sage, purple and white lilacs, and brilliant purple irises and astors abound. Various foliage ranges in color from pale to brilliant...
Then and Now:
The Oldest House
At 215 East DeVargas Street stands the DeVargas Street House, aka The Oldest House, one of the oldest buildings in the United States. The unassuming-looking structure, with its thick adobe walls, three...
A tiny home in the mountains
Tiny Homes Are Big in Santa Fe
The world has embraced the tiny home movement in recent years, but the trend is not new in Santa Fe, where people have long lived in small houses — adobe dwellings built snugly into the earth from whence...
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