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Dining & Nightlife

Spirited Santa Fe

Explore the stories and people behind the best restaurants and bars in Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico. Discover local favorites and best kept secrets.

The Mine Shaft Tavern & Cantina
In a former mining town steeped in a colorful history resides the legendary Mine Shaft Tavern & Cantina. Perched at the south end of Madrid's main street, with a parking lot packed with “hogs” (motorcycles,...
Flavor of the Town: Lime
Lime’s fresh, tangy flavor adds a punch to beverages and culinary dishes that range from appetizers to desserts. Chefs and bartenders alike rely on limes for the tang they add.
It’s a Labor of Love at Paloma Restaurant
Marja Martin, who spent twenty years in the catering business, had no intention of owning a brick-and-mortar establishment before she opened Paloma in July 2017 at the corner of Guadalupe and Montezuma...
Coquette Cakes
Coquette Artisanal Cakes
At a young age, Caitlin Olsen, owner of Coquette Artisanal Cakes, began baking alongside her paternal grandmother. Her grandmother’s legacy lives on at Coquette, where Olsen continues to use her recipes...
Skinny Dipped Owners
Healthy Snacks, All in the Family
The pandemic inspired one big change in the way the snack company SkinnyDipped does business: Founders Val and Breezy Griffith decided to live part of the year in Santa Fe in the late spring of 2020.
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