Nocona Burgess’s Padernal, acrylic, 16 x 40 inches

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Vibrant Santa Fe

Santa Fe has always been known as an intersection of cultures, a hub of artistic exploration past and present, as reflected in its galleries, museums, theaters, performance venues and visual art installations.

A group of books in front of a fire place.
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Tarot Card Artists
Tarot cards have been part of the human experience since the fifteenth century and are very popular in The City Different. While tarot cards are often read with the hope of seeing the future, they can...
Artist Joyce Stolaroff with one of her two rescue pitbull mixes
People We Love:
Joyce Stolaroff
Santa Fean Joyce Stolaroff is a ceramic and sculpture artist who has a special connection with dogs and is known for her ceramic dog sculptures. She has used her art to support of animal shelters and...
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