A prickly pear cactus in Santa Fe.

Color in Your Life

Tips from the Pros

by Annie O’Carroll

In spring, the New Mexico landscape is spectacular. Lavender, Russian sage, purple and white lilacs, and brilliant purple irises and astors abound. Various foliage ranges in color from pale to brilliant green, from yellow-green to the chamisa’s dusky gray-green.

Nature is one of many sources of inspiration Santa Fe interior designer Annie O’Carroll draws from. Here, she gives insight into how she uses spring as the starting point for choosing a color palette. She believes that looking outside can guide you to colors you will find pleasing inside your home.

Spring is my favorite season. It’s literally budding with inspiration. Once I’ve found my inspiring element, I’m off and running. From there, it’s a decision about what color palette to bring forward. As I contemplate spring colors, it’s all about freshness, awakening, renewal, breath and connection. Considering these aspects as I create a workable color palette is a challenge but also lots of fun. What I do is simply look at the array of colors in the lilac and fruit trees against our vast blue sky.

Benjamin Moore Gentle Violet
Benjamin Moore's "Gentle Violet"
Benjamin Moore's Dior Grey
Benjamin Moore's "Dior Grey"
Benjamin Moore Whisper Violet
Benjamin Moore's "Whisper Violet"
Benjamin Moore's Seaweed
Benjamin Moore's "Seaweed"
Annie O'Carroll

Annie O’Carroll is an award winning interior designer in SantaFe. She has an awareness of the singular legacy of New Mexico and respect for the landscape and environment runs through every project. She brings design dreams to life, creating for her clients spaces with an authentic sense of personality and place–designs that speak of who they are and where they have chosen to make their home


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