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December/January Selections

by Santa Fean Staff

Nonfiction: From Monk to Money Manager by Doug Lynam

By Meg Peralta-Silva

From Monk to Money Manager by Doug Lynam
From Monk to Money Manager by Doug Lynam

Doug Lynam is a financial advisor whose life has led him on an unusual path, one that included being a hippie, Marine, Benedictine monk and teacher. Each twist in his path will pique readers’ curiosity. With humility and humor, Lynam recounts the events that shaped his own sentiments around money: his wealthy upbringing and family strife, decades of voluntary poverty and eventually, the monastery’s bankruptcy. All contributed to his understanding how to manage finances for himself and others, and how money, if used in love and service, can become part of our spiritual practice.

Lynam’s book combines memoir with self-improvement strategies and specific steps to financial well-being and peace. He draws from his personal, spiritual and professional experience to offer insights and money management guidance. Lynam focuses not on systemic economic issues but on personal and practical applications that include getting out of debt, budgeting, saving, investing ethically and sharing wealth wisely. Drawing on his own failures and successes, Lynam helps readers reflect on their own relationship to money and gain financial literacy. His combination of candor and thoughtful advice make this an approachable guide for those wanting to examine their values and beliefs about money and grow “a little bit wealthy.”

Fiction: Head Wounds, a Kevin Kerny Novel by Michael McGarrity

By Joel LeCuyer

Head Wounds, a Kevin Kerney Novel, by Michael McGarrity.
Head Wounds, a Kevin Kerney Novel, by Michael McGarrity.

Local favorite (and resident) Michael McGarrity’s crime thrillers take place in a familiar, contemporary Northern New Mexico setting. The vast, wild tapestry hides dark secrets and tales of revenge amidst a landscape that is both enrapturing and deadly. Head Wounds, the latest novel in McGarrity’s acclaimed Kevin Kerney series, is the fourteenth book involving the now retired, eponymous Santa Fe Police Department chief. Every bit as adventurous a page-turner as its predecessors, the narrative takes hold and doesn’t let go.

A memorable cast of characters shines against the bloody backdrop of the criminal underworld as a connective web of crimes crisscrosses the state, eventually circling back to the aging Kerney himself. McGarrity fans, rejoice! And newcomers, check out his series from the beginning; you won’t be disappointed.



Children’s Book: Eggbert, the Slightly Cracked Egg, Written by Tom Ross and Illustrated by Rex Barron

By Rayna Dineen, Executive Director of Reading Quest. 

Eggbert, the Slightly Cracked Egg by Tom Ross and Rex Barron
Eggbert, the Slightly Cracked Egg by Tom Ross and Rex Barron

Eggbert was a talented beret-wearing egg whose colorful portraits of his friends in the frig brought joy to all. However, when a crack was discovered in Eggbert’s shell, he was forced to leave. The rest of this beautifully illustrated book chronicles his struggle to survive in the outside world and the hardships he has trying to blend in. Eggbert comes to realize that the world is full of beautiful cracks, including himself, and that maybe it’s not so bad to be slightly cracked. He embarks on an exciting adventures around the world visiting incredible ‘cracked” sights such as Krakatoa and the Grand Canyon. This book is a wonderful reminder to all of us that perhaps our ‘flaws’ could actually be gifts in disguise, and what might seem to be a terrible moment in our lives can sometimes lead to something wonderful. Books that encourage children to love and accept themselves, no matter what, are real treasures.

Reading Quest is a non-profit organization that provides year-round, free reading tutoring for children who are reading one or more years below grade level, as well as professional development and coaching for teachers, tutors, and parents.  We empower children to believe in themselves, and support them to become strong, enthusiastic readers. Reading Quest students show remarkable growth in reading, perseverance, and confidence.

Meg Peralta-Silva

Meg Peralta-Silva was born in Baltimore and lived in many states and countries before moving to New Mexico three years ago. She has worked as a youth advocate, creative expression instructor, program director and farm intern. She enjoys learning from others’ perspectives and challenging her own biases.


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