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At Ojo Santa Fe Spa Resort, Soak On!

by Emily Van Cleve

When Northern New Mexicans think about a great place to enjoy a relaxing outdoor soak, Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa immediately comes to mind. Now, Ojo Caliente has a sister soaking spot: Ojo Santa Fe Spa Resort, in the village of La Cienega, half an hour south of downtown Santa Fe.

Operated as Sunrise Springs for many years, Ojo Santa Fe is a true oasis in the desert. It was purchased in 2013 by Ojo Caliente’s owners, Andy Scott and family. Both resorts offer awe-inspiring soaking experiences. While Ojo Caliente is blessed with water that’s high in mineral content, Ojo Santa Fe is incredibly fortunate to have an abundant supply of pure spring-fed artesian water.

The heart of Ojo Santa Fe is the spacious pond that feeds hot tubs and pools located throughout the seventy-acre property. Ducks, geese and an occasional blue heron have found a home at this tranquil pond enveloped by large, gracious cottonwood trees. As the cool pond water is channeled into soaking spaces, it’s heated to temperatures ranging from 100 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hammocks surrounding a pool at Ojo Santa Fe
Photography ©Ojo Santa Fe Spa Resort.

At the edge of the pond and under a canopy of towering trees are four open-air soaking spaces called the Repose Pools. These circular pools, which were installed in 2019 and can comfortably seat about a dozen guests in each, are perfectly situated to provide stunning views of the property during the day and starlit skies at night.

Soakers seeking a more active water experience should check out the resort’s gently heated junior Olympic-size saltwater pool that’s perfect for relaxing, paddling and swimming laps. After a good workout, it’s time to enjoy a soak in the hot tub that’s adjacent to the pool.

In November 2020, Ojo Santa Fe will open an outdoor mud bath near the saltwater pool. Similar to the one at Ojo Caliente, this mud-filled soaking space consists of a blend of red and white clay purchased in New Mexico. Since showers are next to the mud pool, it’s easy to take a mud bath, rinse off and go back to the saltwater pool over and over again.

A woman soaking at Ojo Santa Fe Spa, formerly known as Sunrise Springs.
Photography ©Ojo Santa Fe Spa Resort.

For guests seeking more privacy, individual outdoor hot tubs and mineral-infused soaking tubs can be reserved. “There are teak louvers that can be closed or opened, depending on how much privacy is desired,” explains Ojo Santa Fe’s marketing manager, James Walker.

The ultimate private soaking experience can be enjoyed in Ojo Santa Fe’s one-person, zero-gravity float tank containing highly-concentrated salt water. It’s designed for guests desiring a reduction in outside stimulation and a sense of deep relaxation. “It’s also a wonderful experience for anyone who wants to feel completely weightless,” adds Walker. A full-spectrum infrared sauna is adjacent to the tank.

Day-tripping soakers appreciate not having to leave the property when it’s time for lunch. At the resort’s Blue Heron restaurant, menu items range from tacos and enchiladas to salads, sandwiches and wraps, and feature local herbs, fruits and vegetables when available.

Accommodations for overnight guests include private-entrance casitas with enclosed patios and garden-view rooms with balconies. All quarters have amenities such as mini-refrigerators, robes and Internet service. However, there are no televisions in any of the rooms, an invitation for guests to enjoy a quieter, more peaceful respite from daily life.

Spending the weekend at Ojo Santa Fe means having the time not only to relish great soaking experiences but also to take advantage of some of the resort’s many activities, such as yoga classes, hiking excursions, disc golf on the resort’s hillside course and target sports including archery, hatchet throwing and riflery.

Guests are welcome to book appointments at the Ojo Santa Fe Spa, where massage therapists and healers practice a variety of therapeutic modalities, and to wander through the property’s extensive grounds. Walking paths lead to gardens, a greenhouse and a coop containing Ojo Santa Fe’s fluffy bantam breed of chickens called Silkies.


New Mexicans are invited to relax and reset at Ojo Santa Fe Resort for 20% off! Troubles float away while soaking in our spring-fed thermal pools and saltwater swimming pool. Complete your staycation with a massage and culinary treats, waterside, at our Blue Heron restaurant. Book a world-class escape that’s right around the corner now. Call: 877-977-8212.

Emily Van Cleve
Associate Editor

Writing engaging articles for print and websites continues to be one passion of Emily Van Cleve. She has been a freelance writer and journalist in Santa Fe since 1994, serving a wide range of clients including magazines, newspapers, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. Emily has been a contributor to Santa Fean magazine for many years and is delighted to be working with the Santa Fean and Essential Guide team. An abstract painter and former professional pianist, Emily also enjoys hiking throughout New Mexico and at the Grand Canyon.


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