Percy Stith, hatmaker. Photography ©Tira Howard

Our Obsession

Artistic Hats

by Nicole Pearson

Percy Stith is an artist, hatmaker and designer. He is an accomplished skier who loves New Mexico and the outdoors. Originally from Boston, Stith discovered hat making fifteen years ago while working in the New York fashion industry and subsequently brought this passion to Santa Fe. If you want to look more dapper, protect your face from the sun and help bring back the golden era of hat wearing, head to Percy’s Hat Shop at 715 Canyon Road. There, you’ll find your one-of-a-kind, custom hat. “But remember,” says Stith, “you don’t choose the hat. The hat chooses you.”

A white hat with a blue beaded band
The #1
A black hat with a blue and black patterned band
The #1 in Black
A blue hat in a wheelbarrow
The Maggiori
A blue cowboy hat
The Carmen San Diego

The #1

This oatmeal-color wool hat is embellished with a wide, stunning Nathalie Waldman beaded band and finished with a feather. 

The #1, in Black

This black wool hat is finished with a blue-and-white hemp band woven by local weaver, Taryn Slawson.

The Maggiori

As a tip of the hat to artist Mark Maggiori, Stith created this hat using indigo dye softened with cochineal dye. The hat is finished with a tied, solid indigo deerskin band.

The Carmen San Diego

Made with rich, indigo-dyed wool, this hat has a clean, open brim for a better view of the world around you. It’s finished with a deerskin wrap sprinkled with indigo dye.

Nicole Pearson

Originally from Lawrence, Kansas, Nicole came with her fiancé back to his hometown of Santa Fe after college. They have one son. Nicole has years of experience editing academic manuscripts for publication. She holds multiple degrees, including a BS in speech, language and hearing, and two master’s degrees in education. She loves hiking, camping, reading, collecting bronze sculptures, early mornings and any opportunity to watch live sporting events.


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