Kelly Haug, owner and publisher. Photography ©Tira Howard

Letter from the Publisher

Kelly Haug, Owner and Publisher

Greetings – 

As the new publisher of the Santa Fean, I thank you for reading this inaugural issue. The re-envisioned publication celebrates our city and its rich history, and showcases Northern Mexico’s diversity and beauty. I hope the compelling content and beautiful photography inspire you to subscribe.

This first edition explores the theme Santa Fe Strong/Northern New Mexico Strong and illustrates why Santa Fe is fondly known as the City Different. If you wonder how local artists spent their time during the stay-at-home mandate last spring, read “Art in the City Different When the Times Were Different.” Art lovers, in particular, will enjoy reading “Santa Fe’s Venerable Galleries: Still Going Strong,” which focuses on resilient Canyon Road galleries that have been around for three decades or longer. In “Baca Street Arts District: The Soho of Santa Fe,” both locals and visitors will enjoy reading about one of the city’s hidden gems. If you love the outdoors, check out our photo essay on Winsor Trail #254. And there’s more: articles on design, wellness and lifestyle, to name just a few.

Creating this issue of the Santa Fean was an engaging and gratifying experience, one that repeatedly invited me to stop and enjoy the moment. For my family and me, savoring the present wasn’t always a given. My husband, Martin, was born and raised in Santa Fe, but our life together took us to Denver for five hectic years. Although Denver is a wonderful, vibrant city, we often failed to enjoy the present moment. Overnight, we made the life-altering decision to change our lifestyle. We sold our house, quit our jobs and bought an RV. We packed up the RV and hit the road with our two young daughters. For seven months we traveled the country, exploring it and relishing every minute. When we were home again, we asked ourselves, “How can we continue to fully enjoy our moments? How can we continue our unique journey?” It led us back to Santa Fe.

I hope that Santa Fean readers experience Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico with the same sense of wonder that comes from any magical journey. The Santa Fe experience is ever unfolding, providing endless new discoveries and delights. The Santa Fean aspires to expand readers’ awareness and appreciation of these treasures.

Every bimonthly issue of the Santa Fean presents articles on community, lifestyle, art and culture, home and design, nature and wellness, and dining. Each edition features local artists, personalities and community leaders, as well as businesses, events and destinations. The Santa Fe spirit is deep and abiding, and our city is unlike any other. We are eager to share it with you in all its glory.

Much Love,

Kelly Haug
Owner–Publisher, the Santa Fean
The City Different Publishing LLC

Kelly Haug
Owner/Publisher, The Essential Guide and Santa Fean

Kelly grew up in Western Pennsylvania. She has a BS in environmental science and a Master in Resource Law (MRLS). For nearly two decades, she lived in the West before she and her husband moved to Santa Fe, his hometown. She is delighted they can raise their two daughters in a multicultural city with extended family nearby. Descended from a long line of small-business owners, Kelly is enthusiastic about contributing to and building community.


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