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What’s easy—and obvious—to appreciate around Santa Fe are mountain views, unique architecture, charming roads, and an old-world feel. Perhaps not so obvious are the talented and interesting folks who are our neighbors. Santa Fe is a unique place, and it attracts a special breed. There are locals who have stayed here; locals who’ve returned here; and then there’s the rest of us: visitors who were swept up by this fabulous city and who are now locals ourselves. Together, we make up a truly amazing population.

The allure of Santa Fe is as strong today as it was decades ago. People in the film industry who initially came to work here have experienced the area’s unusual light, felt its spirituality, and stayed to make this community their home. Santa Fe’s list of relocated movie stars is certainly impressive, but that’s just one segment of our talent pool.

In fact, many of the fascinating people we have included in this issue are not well known. They are quiet heroes, going about their business and engaging in important activities that have impact not just in this town, but in towns across America. And Santa Fe is their chosen home.

I’m particularly moved by Amber Midthunder, a Santa Fean who is enjoying a burgeoning acting career. Though she now has the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world, Amber loves, more than anything, being back in her hometown. 

We often talk about the amazing things going on behind the city’s adobe walls. I’ve come to realize that Santa Feans are actually like those simple adobe walls: behind what is apparent and obvious, unique talents and experiences are alive and growing. Like a voyage of exploration, discovering who our neighbors are produces an assortment of delightful surprises. We love these people, and we think you will, too.

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