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THERE ARE SEVERAL DIFFERENT kinds of art collectors. Some buy only for speculative reasons, while others treasure art and want to experience it in their homes on a daily basis. Then there are those who buy because they love a piece—and if it appreciates, so much the better. They want to own the art, regardless of its hard-currency value.

These are the people who listen to their hearts, and that is what owning art is all about, to my sensibilities. They are collectors who have allowed the work to sink into their souls, and it takes them to a special place each time they look at it. A good piece of art can continue this relationship for a lifetime.

By owning artwork, we in essence create our own private galleries where strategically placed pieces create a theme or a mood, or simply touch us in some unique, magical way. Thus, each room takes on its own personality, as we place art in our private sanctuaries to reinforce feelings we connect with when in these rooms. There may be art suitable for viewing by visitors, and there may also be art that is far too personal to be placed in highly visible areas of our homes. In creating our individual gallery spaces, we have the chance to select precisely how much we want to reveal about ourselves.

In a world where connecting with our inner feelings and emotions can be a challenge (and not always encouraged), owning art puts us in direct connection with our emotions. I actually commissioned my very first painting from a family friend when I was 21 (he gave me a price I could afford). The turbulent seas in this painting remind me of the ocean, which I love, but also speak to me about the turbulence in life, and then how the seas calm. An abstract by Margarete Bagshaw I’ve owned for five years keeps evolving, and I discover new insights in that painting every time I look at it. It speaks to me of intellect, music, and finding beauty within chaos. These two paintings are as fresh and poignant to me today as the day they entered my home. This is what makes collecting so rewarding. Paintings evolve as our lives change; the longer we own them, the more we see in the art and in ourselves.

In our own homes, we are the decision makers, placing work in any way that gives us joy, stimulation, and the peace that art ownership affords us all, making every day a richer experience.

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